Hi everyone, well as usual things have been crazy chaotic but I am here for another edition of the MFRWauthor blog posts. This week’s prompt is an interesting one, well for me anyways. Before beginning to write this post, I would have said that very little or none of me was in my stories. However, after thinking about it some, I now know that’s not true.

  • In my first book La Roe’s, I had a dream about a dress and since I cannot draw that great, I decided to write about the dress instead. That was most definitely a part of me.
  • Then I thought about the character and the time in my life the original version was written compared to now. The main character, Emerald, she works a lot. I did too back then and even more so now.
  • She is also extremely protective of her friends, which yeah one can say that about me. Perhaps even a bit ‘mine’ determination.
  • Emerald also has taken the hard knocks of her life and changed them into something else, I can say that has happened with me as well. She takes certain losses very intently.
  • The story may begin in the U.S., but it ends on the Isle of Mann, which is someplace I would love to visit. 
  • Roses call to her and well my favorite flower is the rose.

In my second story, Fay’s Wish, the main character had recently lost her mother and that I can understand heartache all …

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