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The title of my book is as important as the characters themselves. So the name of the book is as important as the characters themselves. You can choose an important event as I did in The title of my book is as important as the characters themselves. In my first I named my book La Roe’s after the Heroine in which the story was told from her POV, Secondly it also describes part of her. La Roe means The Red and her first name Emerald means Green she consequentially has red hair and green eyes. La Roe’s is also about an entire family in which her children will come to play mainly her daughter which according to family tradition will be named La Roe also.

So the name of the book is as important as the characters themselves. You can choose an important event As Fay’s Wish in which the mother a Fay makes a wish for her daughter. Then in Mystic Inn it represents the hotel, and Vampires Revenge represents the revenge our heroine will play on the hero. I think the name should give a clue to the reader of something grand about to take place.

So how to name you MS, well as you right it an important scene, place, person, or thing will stand out and hopefully shout use me. I find that I don’t know the name until that exact moment. It is as hard as naming your Characters themselves, esp. if they represent them. …

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What do you do now that you have finished that great manuscript? Many believe you can simply start sending it out to agents or publishers sometimes even both. However this is simply not true, just because you have created this riveting tale, you cannot send it out and expect it to be published right then. No, there are many aspects to being published and even more frauds out there, where the only goal is to con you out of your money. Filling their pockets and leaving yours empty and your dream of being published unfulfilled.

So what to do, where to turn, who do you trust, who do you ask? Well the first thing is take that perfect manuscript and reread each and every word and prepare to rewrite, if you are like many authors out there who have a hard time seeing their own mistakes then join a critique group. These groups are designed to help writers, and many have guidelines to follow so that your critique is accurate and fair. Once you have joined the group, redone your mistakes, repeatedly, finally believing you have the best Manuscript possible, here comes the hard part. Getting someone else to believe it as well.

You have to come up with a query letter that holds the readers attention using a strong hook. A hook if you don’t know is that one scene, that one line, that grabs the readers attention making them want more, need more of what you have to …

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Dana Littlejohn

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from A Kool Queer Lit
Coming from Muse it Hot – Charles Goddess book 3 in the Erotes Series
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New Contract for Christmas Goddess due to release 12/02/2011

Interview with Aphrodite, Goddess of Love

Jaxx Steele

Jaxx Steele

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AC Katt

AC Katt is anxiously awaiting the re-release of her novel The Sarran Plague, and while waiting on it she is furiously working on its’ Sequel. To find out more of what AC Katt is upto then visit her site at Why not stop on over and read some of the spicy scenes from the Award Winning Shattered Glass while you are there?

Shattered Glass“Milo, we’ve had this discussion before. He’s no longer jailbait. What’s wrong with being with the guy you love?”

“Everyone will know. It wouldn’t be good for the band.”

“Milo, Elton John is openly gay and it hasn’t affected his record sales. For Christ’s sake, he does work for Disney. It’s not the band, Milo, it’s you. You have been fighting what you are for years for no good reason. Your true friends already know. The roadies know. There are always rumors in …

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