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Mystic Inn is Book 5 in the Cursed Seduction Series, it is currently in ARC Format (awaiting editing and publication). Mystic Inn brings together the other 4 books in the series while facing it’s two Dominating Heroes and Heroine.

I hope that you enjoy reading about Annabel, Nathaniel and Sabastian.

Different Chapters From Mystic Inn

We strolled aimlessly out through the front of the lobby, with my arm carefully placed upon his own.  I even allowed him to lead the way for a few minutes.  When we were no longer visible from inside I stopped and extracted my hand.

“I am very forward and honest, Mr. Stygian, and as such I am telling you now, I will be checking up on you.  Know that if I find anything at all to be concerned over I will out you in front of the aunts.  You should also know that according to the contract I have with them, neither they or myself can sell without the others approval.  Do I make myself clear?”


When I thought that would be the end and began to lead the way the beach, he stopped me with a hand on my arm.

“I would like to strike a bargain with you.  If your searches turn up nothing then I would like your support in becoming a partner in this hotel.  You must also agree to dine with me each evening until your decision is made, of course.”

I chose my words carefully before asking. “What …

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Welcome to my New Home! 

I am excited to be a part of the Personalized Marketing’s Fall Into Romance Blog Hop… 

I hope that you enjoy the excerpts found here and visit often!

 As part of the Personalized Marketing & Promotions’ Fall Into Romance Blog Hop I have a couple Prizes to give away….

1st Prize – 1 Copy of either – Fay’s Wish, La Roe’s, Chocolate Seductions (ARC) or Mystic Inn (ARC)

The Grand Prize – Your Choice of any 3 eBooks – Fay’s Wish, La Roe’s, Chocolate Seductions (ARC) or Mystic Inn (ARC)

To Win the 1st Prize all you have to do is comment on one Blog Post. 
To Win the Grand Prize you must comment on all 3 Post for the Blog Hop (Each Blog Hop Post has it in the title…)

At the end of the Blog Hop all names will be entered into a Drawing and Randomly Chosen.

As many know I am the Owner/CEO/Founder of Personalized Marketing & Promotions, however here I am simply Romance Author Dee Owens. I hope that you enjoy the excerpts provided and good luck on Winning!

I figured the story behind the Series would be a good way to start… 

As a member of R_W_P writing group on Yahoo we challenged each other to go above and beyond what we thought we could do.  One challenge was to change how you planned your books, if you plan them that is.. I had 5 stories that I felt …

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Being back in the office made me remember better times when Keith and I had been happier and most importantly together. This was one of the few places we could be ourselves and still connect, and one of the few where I felt as though we were meant to be together. No my marriage hadn’t been perfect but we had always been friends. I often wondered where we would have been if he hadn’t found me crying that day, so long ago.

Excerpt taken from Chapter 3


Chocolate Seductions by Dee OwensI had only been 16 at the time but I had a huge crush on Grant and been devastated when I caught him kissing his girlfriend. I couldn’t even remember her name anymore but that day had marked a new beginning for me and Keith and possibly the end as well. Keith had found me hiding my tears from the world behind one of the barrels of wine.

When he had asked what was wrong I told him my heart had been broken, he promised to make it right. Keith had then turned me and gave me my first kiss, needless to say we were caught and our mothers decided that the best course of action was to announce that we had an arranged marriage.

It was a few years later on the actual day of my graduation when I saw Grant again. He had grown from a spoiled teenager into a fierce man. He had come up to me from behind …

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I am happy to Announce that I am participating in the ~ Personalized Marketing’s Fall Into Romance Blog Hop Oct 26, 27 & 28 ~ as both Personalized Marketing and Author Dee Owens! 

I will be bringing you an Excerpt from Chocolate Seductions and a Sneak Peak from Book 5 in the Cursed Seduction Series…Mystic Inn 
Check back soon for more information and to find out how you can win 3 Free eBooks!

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