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Paranormal and Contemporary Romances

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#PMInc Party?

August 20th through August 31st we are doing a book extravaganza with several of our clients and Silver Dagger Book Tours.


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1 eBook From Each Author

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Print Copies of La Roe’s Curse and Fay’s Wish


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The Curse

Centuries past, during a time of magic, deep mourning, and when men’s hearts were darker than the blackest of nights, two men Nathaniel Burundi Stygian and Sebastian Todd Lochinvar made the ultimate mistake of angering an old and powerful witch. She had watched as the two men used wealth and prowess to prey on innocent women; turning their victims’ tender young hearts into those of pain and anguish. Determined to teach them a lesson, of punishment based on love, she placed a curse on Nathaniel and Sebastian that reflected their beastly behaviors. They would live throughout eternity knowing their descendants would walk through life facing the same suffering their callous behavior had caused others.  


Time is running out for their descendants ensnared by the curse; the women are dying painful deaths and the men are becoming more like the beast lurking just under the surface. Can the curse be broken, or will it be the end for all.  

Cursed Seductions

Here is another sneak peak at Chocolate Seductions ...


Excerpt -


“Ambrosia, I am not sure if you remember Kevin Pantere. He was a friend of Keith’s and is Grant’s attorney.” Marie-Élise …

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In 2005 I originally published La Roe's Curse (called La Roes at that time), though it went over well, it was severely lacking in quality. In 2008 Fay's Wish came out, it was definitely a better quality book, though my quality of writing had improved, it was still not where it is today. Thankfully, I became friends with Cindy, who happens to not only love reading books but is also an excellent editor. She took both books and helped me to polish them and publish them under my name.


Both books are now available in print and ebook formats on various sites.

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As you might know Cindy is the Manager of Personalized Marketing Inc, while I am the Owner. I love working with our clients and seeing their networks have organic growth. I also love the challenges that some of our clients bring to us, especially when trying something new. This month, #PMInc is celebrating it's 13th Anniversary and I am celebrating my 49th. It is amazing how much time has past since all of this began. We are having a celebration of sorts for #PMInc and as part of it, I will be giving away copies of ebooks from our participating clients and other fun items.

Dee Carver (Author), 

Cindy Wieczorek (Editor)  

Available at:




When Emerald La Roe ran away 300 years ago, she had not planned to return. However, after repeated dreams from Goddess Morrigan, Emerald finally realizes …

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Fay's Wish by Dee Carver

Fay’s Wish by Dee Carver

Editor & Cover Artist: Cindy Wieczorek

Available on Amazon

Fay’s Wish |
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Shayla, Princess of the Fay, must begin the journey to discover her true power by leaving the island. If she’s successful, she will become queen. Her plight won’t be an easy one, for there are those who would use Shayla as a means to solidify their own position of power.

Kyle, Shayla’s guide in the human world, is destined to bring hope to the Fay even though his own future seems bleak. With Kyle by her side, miracles can happen, offering the promise of the return of the magic.

Once that happens, nothing is impossible.



As I entered the garden, the smell of succulent roses and jasmine infused me. I continued upon an emerald and ruby path, glinting like a wine-filled goblet. Gliding over pearls and bright quartz, I headed for the waterfalls, the soft lining of moss caressing my feet.

My heart faltered. He was human.






As the plane lifted, I wondered for a second time, how my Father and Fearghus managed to schedule our trip. They must have used all the contacts the Fay knew in the human world. And I yet wondered, if all contact had been broken with humans, how we were staying current with their lives and history. Who would they be in touch with …

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