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Paranormal and Contemporary Romances

Category: Reviews by Dee

Her Vampire’s Promise: A Romance In Central City, Novella One
Jordan K Rose
Publisher: Jordan K Rose (August 28, 2014)
Publication Date: August 28, 2014
Sold by: Amazon Digital Services LLC

What a difference 20 years can make when it comes to Lawrie Tyrone, Reade Hayes wasn’t the only one shocked by her transformation. It seemed the toddler he swore to protect was now a woman to be reckoned with and even Reade had to rethink just how he looked at her. Lawrie might have lived a very limited life so far but her new found spirit might not be such a bad thing, that is if the vampire blood coursing through her veins does not get her killed first.

An amazing story, my only regret is that it’s over. Lawrie is a woman that others can get behind and cheer on as she stands her ground. Reade is one of those heroes who make you want one of your own! A strong heroine needs a strong hero and both of these characters live up to those titles. Her Vampire’s Promise is an amazing start to this series and sets up the readers for a trip they soon won’t forget.

Dee Owens
Author | Owner of Personalized Marketing Inc | Jordan K Rose Fan

Show Me The Honey By Cathryn Cade

eBook ISBN: 9781943601189

Publication Date: May 12, 2015

eBook $3.99

Sweet&Dirty BBW Romance series #1

Blurb (Provided by Author)

When a small town café owner is grabbed by a rambling biker looking for stolen cash, she must convince him to let her go. But finding out he has the wrong woman only makes him more determined to hang onto her … this time for all the right reasons. Jack and Lindi meet under one of the most unusual circumstances I’ve read in a while. Even though you wonder what is going through her mind as their romance starts to heat up, you cannot help but fall for the rough around edges biker and his apparent ability to hang on. Between kidnapping, murder, stalking, old pain and new problems, these two have to fight with all they have to stick together.

It’s been a while since I have been able to just sit down and read for pleasure and Show Me The Honey was definitely a great way to start. Lindi is one of those women you want to root for, her sass is as funny as her ability to carry you along for the ride. Jack is definitely a sexy and smoking hot alpha male that makes you wonder if seconds are an option.

However, we cannot forget Keys and I am happy to say his story is coming out soon! If Jack and Lindi’s story is any indication …

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I am absolutely in Love with Pine Mountain! I got my copy of Sugar Cookie Sweetheart Swap and loved each of the stories so much I decided to savor them slowly ;). I Spent my nights curled up with 3 funny women and 3 melting hot men, and will do so again before Christmas.

I laughed, awed and definitely felt withdraws when the stories ended. I have not been entertained so thoroughly in a very long time, I only wish there was more of Clara, Lily and Kate to read.

I highly recommend getting this book, making the recipes found in it and having a drool cloth handy for the Swoon Worthy Men in it.

I have found a new favorite Author to follow in Kimberly Kincaid and a new place to dream about… Pine Mountain. If you have not gotten your copy yet I highly suggest doing so, its a lovely way to start off this holiday season and definitely worth reading again!

The Sugar Cookie Sweetheart Swap
Sugar And Spice by Kimberly Kincaid: When caterer Lily Callahan goes up against hotshot pastry chef Pete Mancuso in the bake-off of the season, the stakes are high – and scandalously passionate. Will the gorgeous gourmand steal Lily’s heart – and the top prize in the Christmas cookie co