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I absolutely loved this series, even though each book can be read as a stand alone I highly recommend that you read them in order. Each book gives more description about the mountain and the characters that live there. 
I found several parts funny in each of the books. I got angry with them, sad with them and even wanted to smack a few. Each of the women had their own strength and the men who fell in love with them were perfectly matched. 
I had never read a were-horse shifter series before and I enjoyed the way the author weaved their world. I would highly recommend Sierra Brave to anyone who asked for great shifter story. 

Book 1: She ran away to hide from her hurt and embarrassment. She found love and her confidence, and in her, he found his fate. 
Book 2: She challenged his perceptions and claimed his heart. 
Book 3: A Spirited Girl. A Reluctant Dom. Fated Mates. 
Book 4: Pain drove him away, but she couldn’t forget her hero. Tragedy brought him back. Could he be her fated mate? 

 5 Stars! 

Boy meets girl.
Author Charlotte Forsythe is determined not to be a victim again. Her Great Dane, Finn, makes sure of it. While vacationing with Finn in San Diego, Charlotte meets Navy SEAL Eric Outerbach. It doesn’t go well. Eric begs forgiveness.
Boy and girl become friends.
They make a long distance friendship work through texts and phone calls. The film rights to two of Charlotte’s books are sold and she heads back out to California to supervise the conversion of written content to the silver screen. And the friendship’s not so long distance after all.
Boy and girl fall in love.
How could she not fall in love with a handsome, sexy warrior like Eric? How could he not love a woman as gentle and forgiving as Charlotte?
A guardian’s duty ends.
Finn is mighty, but old. It’s time to pass on the duties of love and protection to someone else.


An Emotional Rollercoaster! 

I absolutely loved The Mighty Finn! I had to stop and wipe my tears more than once. I found myself laughing, cheering the characters equally amazed with Charlotte’s resolve. Eric is a dream character that steals your heart. The real hero though is definitely Finn! 

I absolutely love Holly Bargo’s ability to carry you away into each story she writes. 

A fan for life, 


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(Some spoiler alert)  
The story began with an unexpected or unpredictable event, which brings heartache to those who read it. Alexander began as the love of her life and then later the guiding spirit that helped her find the man her and her son were meant to be with, Mack Challen.  
However, Kalia Beck is a character that you can easily identify with, she is persistent, strong willed and a caring person. Though life through her a major curveball she withstood it with understandable fear mixed in with amazing courage.  
Mack is not sure what to make of the woman next door, however, she had her tiny son ultimately worm their way into his heart. I found it adorable that the writer Linda O’Connor made it to where the only way for the baby to sleep was by listening to Mack play the guitar.  
I was immediately hooked on the story when I read an excerpt on Linda O’Connor’s blog recently. Once getting the book I found that I could not put it down until I finished it. I have not read the rest of The Perfectly Series but they are definitely on my to be read list. 

Perfectly Series: 

Dee Carver  
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 Laurel and Trey are dynamic together!


Breakups suck. They suck even more after you drunkenly tell your A-list Rockstar boyfriend that you love him…then find your now ex best friend in his bed. Welcome to Laurel’s world.

So, what’s a girl with a mangled heart to do? Escape to the Caribbean for some sun, sangria, and much needed soul-searching of course.

While walking on a lonely beach with a camera in her hand, Laurel does not expect to find the hot surfer in her zoom. After accidentally locking eyes, Laurel hides behind a rock and quickly makes her escape…to avoid an awkward meeting.

Fortunately, it’s a small island and Laurel meets the surfer whose name is Trey that same night. Sparks fly, hammocks flip, and all signs point to love. But when best friend and Rockstar drama invades the island will new love last? Laurel has decisions to make, hearts to break and a sunburn to avoid in this two-part romantic comedy.


I won’t go into detail about the story since I don’t want to give away and important parts, but the characters created by Halo Roberts are definitely memorable. The level of detail created in the story, gives you a sense of watching it play out in your head and you can almost feel the warm Caribbean waters. 

I really enjoyed reading Finding My Sun by Halo Roberts, I was unable to put the book down once I began reading. The story has all the great …

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Between Me & You: 

An Enemies to Lovers Workplace Romance (Remington Medical Book 3) 

By Kimberly Kincaid 

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He hates the corporate world.
She’s all business.

Now they have to work together
on the one job that could
make or break them both…



Who doesn’t love a hot and hunky veteran flight medic, everyone, well maybe not Harlow, that is. Connor has had his fair share of rough times but this spunky CEO might be his hardest battle yet. Not to give away any of the plot … however, how can you not love a good story where two characters who have this much chemistry resist the sparks until one or both of them are in too deep?

This one was book I could not put down until I had found out whether these two could get together or not. Yet again I am never disappointed in the details, quality of writing and riveting characters that Kimberly Kincaid brings to life. Talk about a great way to get to know the Remington Medical World.

You can read Harlow and Connor’s story as a stand alone or part of the series.