Fay's Wish by Dee OwensFAY’S WISH
December 2006
121 Pages
Rating: 5 Cups

Princess Shayla grieves the loss of her mother. She is not happy that her father prepares to choose another Queen.

Queen Brigit, the next one in line to marry the King.

Jacques, or Jack of the Guard, escorts Shayla to the human world.

Aine accompanies Shayla as a female companion on the trip.

Aiden, the man she must marry if her mission fails.

Fearghus, her closest ally, agrees she must enter the human world to retain her crown.
Kyle reaches out and touches her soul.

Shayla prepares to leave Fay for the human world to find her true power. She insists her friends only call her by her name and not her title, Princess. It is a trip with setbacks before it even begins. Queen Brigit insists Shayla also be joined by Aine, so nothing transpires between her and Jack. She expresses if Shayla’s mission fails, she should marry Aiden on her return, a suitor that Shayla does not love. On her journey, Fearghus appears in her dreams to proffer help. Shayla knows that she must find her power and her true King. With many foes, along the way, determined to stop her quest from being a success, Shayla is resolved to stay the course.

Fay’s Wish is a gripping, engaging tale that this reader enjoyed immensely. Once I started reading, it was hard to stop. Princess Shayla’s strength will not allow anyone to stand in her way when it comes to family and her desire in life. The secondary characters are robust and very convincing. Ms. Owens fashions a charming story with great personalities that make this one riveting read. She allows this reader to be carried away by the ambience of the sensations and passion that interlace through the pages, in this captivating story full of heartfelt emotions.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance
Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books

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