La Roe’s (Re-Released) 

Dee Carver (Author), Cindy Wieczorek (Editor)  


When Emerald La Roe ran away 300 years ago, she had not planned to return. However, after repeated dreams from Goddess Morrigan, Emerald finally realizes she has no choice. Emerald not only finds a magical sword waiting for her, but her dead husband also.

It seems Stefan O’ Duff wants’ reconciliation and help to cure the curse they share. Emerald would rather see him dead than be with him again, she has someone else to consider though. Her new love, Maxwell Howard a werewolf, who through sharing blood with Emerald, now faces the same fate as Emerald and Stefan. For the cure to work, Emerald has to put her hatred of Stefan aside and consent to share his bed again.

Can Emerald put 300 years of anger aside to save them or will she sacrifice all their futures and kill him as she swore to do?


The dream started as it had before, in my mother’s rose garden. This time though, I knew I would find my son buried in our family crypt. Going in the crypt was harder than ever; I knew my worst nightmare had come true. I stood there starring at my name, going down to my knees. There in front of my face was my baby’s grave!

“James O’ Duff son of Stefan Mac Duff and Emerald La Roe. Borne and laid to rest on this day 14th of July, in the year of our lord seventeen hundred and four.” The pain in my gut became fierce and unrelenting; it felt as if someone was trying to rip my body in two.

 “How could I have let this happen, why am I alive and my baby isn’t? What did I do to deserve this? Why? Someone please tell me. Why would someone who was so innocent have to pay for my mistakes? Why do I get to stand here now, and he is inside that cold and lonely grave?”

I saw Katie’s face, and she looked like she was asleep. The dream changed again, and I was standing above a new grave. This grave wasn’t in my homeland but in Baton Rouge. I wasn’t sure where exactly, but I knew I had been there before. The cemetery itself didn’t bother me it was the tombstone in front of me, it was Katie’s and the date on it was my birthday, October 23, 2004, only days away.

“No! I will find you in time, I swear it. I will not lose you too.” I promised reverently. The demon dog appeared again but instead of attacking, he shifted into Scott MacNee.
 “You are too late, Katie has, and will always belong to me. And, when I am through with her, I am coming for you.” MacNee said with a bone chilling laugh. Before I could say anything else, he disappeared.

Max was standing in front of me now, he was turned away from me, and he was facing someone else, but I couldn’t see who. When I went to move around him to see who it was, Max fell to the ground. I knelt beside him and saw a sword in his stomach. Starring at the growing wound, I couldn’t remember anything to save his life. My only thought was he was going to leave me behind too. I tried to hold the wound closed with my hands, but the blood wouldn’t stop.

 “Oh Max.” Those two words could not describe all the emotions going through me. The pain of losing him, the loss of all I hadn’t said or couldn’t. The love I hadn’t realized until that exact moment had grown stronger and needy without my knowing, and I had never told him. Finally, anger so deep and fierce buried in my bones! Anger, at whoever took him from me, and for being left behind, again. I felt my power fill me up so quickly, it poured from my body now into the sword I was holding in my hands. I knew I could and would do anything to avenge Max.