First Kiss with a Bang! Blog HopI get the distinct pleasure of not only being the Host of First Kiss with a Bang! Blog Hop as the Owner/CEO of Personalized Marketing… but I also get to join in the fun and participate as an Author for the Event!

To ensure that my two persona’s are distinctively separated… I will keep my post today in the fashion of Author Dee Owens. I will also be doing a give-away for the event, an ebook copy of La Roe’s and Fay’s Wish… from which my First Kiss Post will be about… :)

In Fay’s Wish Shayla Princess of the Fay has a daunting task in before her, to bring back Magic to Fae. If she fails, not only could she lose her life, but also be forced into a marriage against her will. Her once thought enemy is now her strongest ally, and her heart, mind, body and soul are up for grabs…

Fay’s Wish

Fay's Wish by Dee OwensMy heart faltered. He was human. Nothing was to come from these feelings building deep inside of me.

Fay have been forbidden to mate with humans, and the few half bloods left were either from before my Grandfather’s rule, or descendants of those who had ventured into the mortal’s world.

The water grew intense. Had I said or done something to upset the magic? The image of the man clarified again. He was in the very water with me. From within, I could not stop the heat from rising, as I watched our bodies begin to entwine with each other. Each kiss he placed upon my skin burst like sunlight through the mists.

My breasts lifted to his lips as the climax began to grow in my abdomen and move lower. My entire body became heavy with a need I had not felt before. With each powerful stroke inside me, my skin grew hotter. It echoed the inferno surrounding us. I had only heard of such impulsive things happening between the Gods and Goddesses. When our bodies peaked, his grip told me he felt each sensation I did.

I only hoped he thought he was dreaming, or I would begin to fear for his mind. According to tales from the Elders, humans no longer believed in Fairies, and only a few believed that magic existed at all. Most of those thought magic evil.

He reached out. Not toward my image, but to me, seeing through the mist as I had. The steel in his eyes concerned and frightened me…


I could only nod. Who was he that he would refer to the ‘Gods’ as I had? Was I wrong, was he Fay?
“Are you all right? You seem upset or scared.”

The tenderness in his voice struck like a harp string and brought tears to my eyes. “I am fine, but you must understand we can never go any farther. We must never meet.” I suspected, unless we accidentally ran into each other on my journey, all this worry meant very little. But, his beliefs still filled me with concern.

“Well, if this is all we can ever have, I guess we should make the best of it. My name is Kyle.”

“Hello, Kyle.” Now why did I say that? “I am sorry. It is a bit trivial to say hello now.”

“No. Never. I love hearing you say it. From now on, I want you to say it each time we meet.”

He was no longer facing away from me, but relaxed, in a small pool of water. “I am in a hidden pool near my home. Care to join me?”

“If you’d like.” I could not believe how his request caused my chest to swell. I hesitated. “I can see some of what is around you, but not exactly where you are.”

“What do you see now?”

He was still in the pool of water. I was struck with a horrible idea. “I need to ask you a couple things first.”

“Anything, sweetheart.”

“Can you see where I am now?”

“You are lying on a huge bed made of silver and wood.”

It was as I feared. He could see what was around me. “You mention relaxing, right? Are you asleep, dreaming your bath, or awake?”

“Awake. Aren’t you?”

“No. I am asleep. We must be very careful. If my people knew you could see where I am, they would punish me and hunt you down.”

“You keep speaking of your people. Just who and what are they?”

“I cannot reveal that, but I am a true Princess. I would like to join you, but it is best I do not. The first time we met, what happened to you? Can you explain how you got there, and what happened after?”

“Sure. I was walking through the woods when I saw you under a canopy of trees. You opened your arms to me, and I wanted nothing more than to touch you. The next thing I knew, we were in dark blue water that glowed. After, when I was back in the forest, my clothes were wet and lying on the ground beside me.” He paused. “What are you thinking?”

“We are in serious trouble. I will join you in the water, but only for a moment, then I must go. I promise to try and return though. I need to know something, and the only way is when I am awake.”
“You make a promise of seeing me again?”

“I do not think either of us could stop, even if we wanted.” I did not want to stop. If not for his life being forfeit, I would stay with him as long as the Gods allowed.

“Come and tell me goodbye, then.”

I crossed over to him, letting the water soak through my gown, and did what I desired to since we’d first met. Whispering Leannan, I caressed the sides of his face, and brushed my lips against his mouth. His lips were warmer, fuller, and more real than I ever imagined. He was made for me. Everything I ever wanted in a mate, kept inside my dreams where we could not be hurt.

I jerked away and turned, wishing to end the dream. Awake in my room, I guessed right. My gown was soaked. What we had done affected both physical worlds. This was a gift and a curse, and there would be repercussions. I had everything I could want, but was in the gravest danger of my life.