As an author I am excited to be here today… I have been working on a few new titles… So for First Kiss with a Bang! I am gonna go with Chocolate Seduction…

I will be giving away a Copy of Fay’s Wish, La Roe’s and a Sneak Peek Copy of Chocolate Seductions… During the week I will be posting more excerpts from Chocolate Seduction with other First Kisses… ;) Enjoy, Have Fun and Good Luck!

Here is an Excerpt taken from Chocolate Seduction where Ambrosia and Grant Share their Sorta First Kiss :)

Chocolate Seductions by Dee OwensWhy had I asked him to help me? Just when I thought I couldn’t hold my breath any longer, I felt Grants hands on my shoulders. His touch was gentle, almost too gentle, and as his hands slid down to just above my waist memories from the past came flooding back.

It had been one month since the night of the reading, Grant and I had been arguing over both Burundi Wines and Sinfully Chocolates. Not being able to stand it anymore I had stormed out of the room and headed outside to the gazebo. It had been unusually warm that day and I had changed from my black silk pants suit into a sundress. I don’t know how long I had stood there with tears running down my face when I felt strong arms circle my waist.

Grant’s breath had been warm against my skin as he spoke softly against my neck. “Ambrosia I am sorry, I did not mean for it to get out of hand like that. I just want what is best for both out families and my owning Burundi Wines is just that.”

“Maybe for you but not for me, I just used Keith’s life’s work to secure Burundi Wines solely under my control. I cannot turn around and sell it, it’s a part of my heritage, my family, my future and I am not selling it to you or anyone else.” I had begun to pull away when Grant tightened his arms more securely around me.

“I give you my word I didn’t come out here to argue with you, truce for now at least?”

Not knowing if he was sincere or not but too tired to fight anymore I simply nodded my head. I had expected him to release me now, and was surprised when he rested his head on my own. Tired, lonely, and finally having Grant’s gentle attention after so many years of wanting him, I sighed and relaxed in his embrace.

It was then that I felt the tension leave his body, we both stood there in silence comforting one another. As my body sank more deeply into his I felt a twinge begin deep inside me and felt his growing response.

As I moved to escape, Grant turned me in his arms, silencing any protest with a tender kiss. If he had forced the kiss I might have been able to pull away, but I wanted, craved the tenderness of a lover. His lips grew more intently the longer our mouths touched and his hands were no longer simply resting on my waist but moving slowly up and down my back. At my groan of need he moved his hands to the zipper and began to work it easily down.