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Sandee, A reviewer, February 13, 2006, 5 out of 5 stars
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Immortal Emerald La Roe has been alive for 300 years. She is currently operating her own paranormal agency under an alias with the help of her dear friend Katherine. Emerald knows she has been cursed and once a year loses her powers. Emerald’s life soon turns upside down when Katherine is murdered and the dreams of a goddess named Morrigan begin. Her lover, Maxwell Howard, a werewolf, is also under the same curse as Emerald after a blood sharing experience. When Emerald’s dead husband Stefan O’Duff reappears as a cursed immortal after so many years, Emerald swears revenge on the man who long ago abandoned her and cursed her to the fate she now endures. Stefan now offers a possible solution that may end their terrible curse, but it involves an intimacy with the man Emerald has sworn to kill. La Roe’s is an absorbing, well crafted first novel for Dee Owen’s. Ms. Owen’s takes her reader into the lives, past and current, of her many unique characters who readers will come to care for. La Roe’s, told in first person from Emerald’s point of view that gives the story a more intimate feel, and offers not only a magical story but a lovely romance element as well.

Coffeetime Romance Review
December 2005
Publish America LLLP
Trade Paperback
208 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 4 Cups
Emerald La Roe is cursed and forced to live eternally. She was cursed by her now dead husband on their marriage night and she has to find the cure. Emerald launches a search when her friend disappears. She looks for her friend and the man her friend is supposed to be with. She solicits the help of another friend Max Howard as they begin the search. Emerald had no idea that the Goddess Morriagan was leading her to her destiny.
Maxwell Howard has loved Emerald for a while now, and on this search he plans to use every means to have Emerald fall in love with him. But when fate is in control you never know what will happen.
When Emerald and Max’s search brings Emerald full circle to the cause of her curse, they begin to search in full for the cure. But there are secrets that have not fully unfolded yet, and until things are played completely out, none of their lives or loves will be complete.
This was an exciting dark romance. From Goddess’s to an old curse to magical swords, things are kept at a steady pace. Ms. Owens created wonderful characters then wove them into a tale filled with curses and secrets. I was captivated to the end. Steamy erotic sex spiced up this dark story and tied all of it together for an entertaining read.
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