Laurel and Trey are dynamic together!


Breakups suck. They suck even more after you drunkenly tell your A-list Rockstar boyfriend that you love him…then find your now ex best friend in his bed. Welcome to Laurel’s world.

So, what’s a girl with a mangled heart to do? Escape to the Caribbean for some sun, sangria, and much needed soul-searching of course.

While walking on a lonely beach with a camera in her hand, Laurel does not expect to find the hot surfer in her zoom. After accidentally locking eyes, Laurel hides behind a rock and quickly makes her escape…to avoid an awkward meeting.

Fortunately, it’s a small island and Laurel meets the surfer whose name is Trey that same night. Sparks fly, hammocks flip, and all signs point to love. But when best friend and Rockstar drama invades the island will new love last? Laurel has decisions to make, hearts to break and a sunburn to avoid in this two-part romantic comedy.


I won’t go into detail about the story since I don’t want to give away and important parts, but the characters created by Halo Roberts are definitely memorable. The level of detail created in the story, gives you a sense of watching it play out in your head and you can almost feel the warm Caribbean waters. 

I really enjoyed reading Finding My Sun by Halo Roberts, I was unable to put the book down once I began reading. The story has all the great elements in it that you would want in a contemporary romance and the ‘hammock’ is probably my favorite part of the story. In this boy meets girl , there are some unexpected twist that definitely give a new angle for ‘love triangle’ but the emotions played out through the main characters make you want to cheer them on time and again. 

It will be one of those stories I revisit again. 

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