(Some spoiler alert)  
The story began with an unexpected or unpredictable event, which brings heartache to those who read it. Alexander began as the love of her life and then later the guiding spirit that helped her find the man her and her son were meant to be with, Mack Challen.  
However, Kalia Beck is a character that you can easily identify with, she is persistent, strong willed and a caring person. Though life through her a major curveball she withstood it with understandable fear mixed in with amazing courage.  
Mack is not sure what to make of the woman next door, however, she had her tiny son ultimately worm their way into his heart. I found it adorable that the writer Linda O’Connor made it to where the only way for the baby to sleep was by listening to Mack play the guitar.  
I was immediately hooked on the story when I read an excerpt on Linda O’Connor’s blog recently. Once getting the book I found that I could not put it down until I finished it. I have not read the rest of The Perfectly Series but they are definitely on my to be read list. 

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Dee Carver  
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