Wow I knew I put this question off for a reason. How to even begin? First, she has to be strong. I don’t even mean strength wise; she has to have a strong constitution. Grit, personality, doesn’t take anything from anyone, basically Emerald La Roe From my first book. She didn’t take anything from no one and stood on her own two feet. Which of course if why her and Max didn’t make it. You know Alfa male werewolf and all.

Emerald was beautiful in her own way, yeah she had a sinful looking body, with fire red hair and green eyes, but that’s when her outer beauty stopped and her inner beauty came out. She was strong, self-assured, relied on no one and took care of everyone and everything her own way.

A different character of mine Shayla is your basic blonde blue-eyed fairy. Ok so she does have the looks on the outside but she is developing into a strong and capable Queen. Next is Jacqueline from Vampires Revenge, she is short, Dark hair, and I forgot her eye color. Well that’s bad, but it’s her new inside that counts. She was a willowy fainting pushover that was an innocent in everything. Now though she is tough as nails, and well just don’t make her mad.

So I guess I choose independent women, who may or may not be a classic beauty. But by the end of the book they are, just from the character they become. Yeah Shayla is a 10 by some standards, and Emerald thinks her body belongs on a lady of the night, which may or may not be a good thing. And Jacqueline so far is a classic beauty, well in her Vampires Eyes, not so much anyone else’s.

So does beauty count? Yes I’m afraid it does, maybe not the same stop your breath beauty, but a subtle beauty nonetheless.

Personality counts more! It always has and always will. It does not matter if she were super model material, if she was not a woman we would call best friend or want to be ourselves then she would never make the cut.

So how do I create my heroine, simple I don’t I have no idea what they will look like or anything else about them until the story begins to unfold. I may decide they look one way before the first word is wrote and change it before the end of the first page.

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