La Roe’s Curse

Dee Carver (Author)

Cindy Wieczorek (Cover Artist and Editor)

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When Emerald La Roe ran away 300 years ago, she had not planned to return. However, after repeated dreams from Goddess Morrigan, Emerald finally realizes she has no choice. Emerald not only finds a magical sword waiting for her, but her dead husband also. It seems Stefan O’ Duff wants’ reconciliation and help to cure the curse they share.

Emerald would rather see him dead than be with him again, she has someone else to consider though. Her new love, Maxwell Howard a werewolf, who through sharing blood with Emerald, now faces the same fate as Emerald and Stefan. For the cure to work, Emerald has to put her hatred of Stefan aside and consent to share his bed again.

Can Emerald put 300 years of anger aside to save them or will she sacrifice all their futures and kill him as she swore to do?



I heard a wolf howling outside and knew the pain filled noise belonged to him. Grabbing my slippers and the housecoat, I went out to find him.
I finally found him on the cliffs with his head turned toward the moon. His coat was even darker than his jet-black hair. It was so dark even the moon didn’t reflect on it. I had never seen him in his wolf form before, but I knew in my heart that it was Max. He was still baying at the moon in pain filled tones. As I started to move toward him, I saw another wolf in the distance, this one was a pale blond.
When I reached his side, I knelt beside him, wrapping my arms around him and began to cry with him. “Oh Max, please don’t be mad at me. Please, please don’t leave me. I need you too much!” I was begging, pleading with him.
He growled at me.
“Please Max, I love you, please I need you, I am so sorry, please don’t let this tear us apart.” He growled softer then and laid down next to me, I knew he wouldn’t leave me, at least not yet. I laid my body against his and fell asleep crying against his soft fur.


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