Mystic Inn is Book 5 in the Cursed Seduction Series, it is currently in ARC Format (awaiting editing and publication). Mystic Inn brings together the other 4 books in the series while facing it’s two Dominating Heroes and Heroine.

I hope that you enjoy reading about Annabel, Nathaniel and Sabastian.

Different Chapters From Mystic Inn

We strolled aimlessly out through the front of the lobby, with my arm carefully placed upon his own.  I even allowed him to lead the way for a few minutes.  When we were no longer visible from inside I stopped and extracted my hand.

“I am very forward and honest, Mr. Stygian, and as such I am telling you now, I will be checking up on you.  Know that if I find anything at all to be concerned over I will out you in front of the aunts.  You should also know that according to the contract I have with them, neither they or myself can sell without the others approval.  Do I make myself clear?”


When I thought that would be the end and began to lead the way the beach, he stopped me with a hand on my arm.

“I would like to strike a bargain with you.  If your searches turn up nothing then I would like your support in becoming a partner in this hotel.  You must also agree to dine with me each evening until your decision is made, of course.”

I chose my words carefully before asking. “What do I get in return, if I agreed?”

“I will donate the money I wish to invest and will leave never to return.”

I thought about it for a moment, it was truly a win, win situation.  If I found anything against him we would be free of him and have the money to get the hotel out of debt.  Also if I didn’t then I would know I would help him become a partner, and save the hotel in exchange.  Though I had the Aunts promise of the entire summer to fix Mystic Inns financial problem, I definitely felt better about the situation.

“I accept.”  I extended my hand to shake his, but he pulled me swiftly to his chest in a crushing embrace.

“I know of a more permanent and beneficial form of agreement.”

I heard him growl moments before his mouth covered mine.  At first, I hesitated at the feel of his delicious lips upon mine, but as he began to nibble I lost total control of my body. Even as I tried to resist I couldn’t help but let him have is way inside. I was putty in his tender although unyielding embrace.


Mary and Todd only stayed long enough to finish their drinks before excusing themselves.  I couldn’t believe the turn of events. Not only was Mary giving up her freedom but her name as well.  Looking across the table I realized one thing though. I knew I would never agree to Alexander Lochinvar ever owning any part of Mystic Inn.

“I am sorry you had to witness that, but Mary wanted you here tonight.  I would have waited and tried to explain before dumping this on you.”

“Look, Lochinvar, I think you and your family are nuts.  I hope Mary knows what she is getting into, because I promise you if she is hurt or harmed in anyway, you and yours will suffer.”  I stood then and walked out into the afternoon sun.

I hadn’t gone ten feet when Sabastian grabbed my arm.  “Wait, we are not finished.  You still owe me a drink in your famous Mystic Bar.”

“You have got to be kidding me. There is no way I owe you anything, and you can forget about Mystic Inn. I would not take your money for anything.  Besides our drinks are after dinner and I believe I will have to cancel due to a headache by then”

“Ah, but you see, you are wrong.  I have a solemn promise from your Aunts that you would allow my pursuit of the Hotel, and be at my beck and call.”

I flushed then remembering that it was basically the same thing they had told me.  But he was misguided about one thing. I was at the beck and call for not just him but Stygian as well.

“Now shall I escort my lady on this fine summer afternoon?”  His voice was back to the same timber as I had first heard it.

I could only nod my head in response.  I am in so much trouble.


“Aw but you see you are wrong, Sabastian. The Ice Maiden of Mystic Inn will never relent,” Nathaniel’s voice purred from the doorway of Lovers Hideaway.

I couldn’t decide whether I was angry, hurt, or in full blown lust.  Anger might have won, but Nathaniel was standing in nothing but a very tight pair of black jeans.  Hurt may have succeeded except Sabastian moved behind me as if to comfort me.   Lust was the winner as Sabastian grabbed my hips pulling me hard against him, and Nathaniel pressed his naked chest against my now flushed one.

“Nathaniel, how good to see you.  I see we are once again after the same prize.”  Sabastian’s voice reverberated down my spine and my breath left my lungs as his warm moist mouth clamped down on my bare shoulder, sucking gently.

“Maybe we should continue this inside,” I suggested heatedly.  They might have thought we were going to continue this once there, but the Ice Maiden was returning full force.

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