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As many know I am the Owner/CEO/Founder of Personalized Marketing & Promotions, however here I am simply Romance Author Dee Owens. I hope that you enjoy the excerpts provided and good luck on Winning!

I figured the story behind the Series would be a good way to start… 

As a member of R_W_P writing group on Yahoo we challenged each other to go above and beyond what we thought we could do.  One challenge was to change how you planned your books, if you plan them that is.. I had 5 stories that I felt all were missing something and just did not want to finish, a friend in the group suggested combining them together. Reading over what I had written in each again I realized that she was right! Each story had similar events taking place, similar paranormal twist were happening and each was a story on its own but was meant to be a part of something bigger.

Hence Cursed Seductions was born, I had two new leading males and a whole set of plot twist to let my characters tell me about. I can say that it has been a while since I even stopped to read the manuscripts and for that I feel ashamed. However thanks to Personalized Marketing (my PR company), a client Dana Littlejohn and her idea of Blog Hops the author side of me is finally emerging again…

I hope that you enjoy the excerpts found here, and please do realize that some of them are in a very rough draft state and still need the rest of their stories added.

Cursed Seduction Series

Cursed Seductions by Dee OwensCursed Seduction is a series involving 5 women and their men….

Once, a long time ago, two men from different walks of life used many women for their own pleasures. Neither had a care for what would happen to the women when they were finished with them. That is, until a witch cursed them. Now these two men have to find their true love and learn to sacrifice all. It has been many centuries since and they still have not found the woman to set them free.

Another tragic twist to this fate is that of the generation to follow them, each descendant through out time will suffer until the first two are cured.

Lost through out time,
Nathaniel and Sabastian
More about these men and their families coming soon….

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