Cursed Seduction Series

Cursed Seductions by Dee OwensCursed Seduction is a series involving 5 women and their men….

Once, a long time ago, two men from different walks of life used many women for their own pleasures. Neither had a care for what would happen to the women when they were finished with them. That is, until a witch cursed them. Now these two men have to find their true love and learn to sacrifice all. It has been many centuries since and they still have not found the woman to set them free.

Another tragic twist to this fate is that of the generation to follow them, each descendant through out time will suffer until the first two are cured.

Lost through out time,
Nathaniel and Sabastian
More about these men and their families coming soon….

Excerpt Taken from Chapter Four

Chocolate Seductions by Dee OwensA soft ringing and knocking woke me up; confused I looked around the now dark room and wondered where I was. The ringing had stopped but the knocking had grown louder and more insistent, looking toward the noise I could barely make out where I was.

I had fallen asleep at the office and someone was trying to get inside. Glad that I had locked the door, I slipped my shoes on and then ran my fingers through my hair. Long black hair may look good on me, but the natural curls drove me nuts. Many had said my eyes reminded them of the color of wine and I guess it does, but I had never found the comparison comforting. It simply meant that even if Burundi Wines failed and everyone else could move on, I wouldn’t. My dark hair and almost burgundy colored eyes wouldn’t let me.

Sighing at my morbid thoughts I silently went to the door. Opening it there was a part of me that had been surprised at Grant standing there, but I had known somehow it was him. Why surprised, simply put I didn’t know, but a deep part of me knew that knock was his and that I had heard it before.

“Its about damn time, I thought I was going to have to knock the door down. I know you’re spoiled but don’t you give a damn about anyone else?” He grabbed me roughly before shoving himself inside.

I turned to close the door and was greeted with the one person who could save me, Harry.
“Hey, can’t I come in?” His voice sounded tired and I began to worry why he was here.
“I’m sorry Harry, please come in.” Once he was inside I checked to make sure no one else was standing there before shutting the door and enclosing us in the dark.

Grant’s voice vibrated across my skin and I felt chills go down my spine, even that one night together couldn’t prepare me for the surge of heat I felt. “Ambrosia, I realize that you…”

“Stop it, stop using your voice on her right now. She can’t withstand the sound and you know it.” Harry’s voice was equally rough but his felt as a cold shower, instead of the heat Grant’s had caused.
“Oh I know that many of women have bowed down to the great Grant Dionysus but I will not be one of them.” I tried to put the anger I felt at the betrayal of Harry’s statement had made aside. Harry for the first time in a very long time was why I had been upset; it was not at the sound of Grant’s voice but what Harry had said.

Staring between the two of them I wondered why I hadn’t noticed the resemblance before. I didn’t think they were related but they definitely had things in common and the attitude was just one of them. I don’t know if they turned because I had been staring or if they were finally paying attention to what I had said, but I now had their undivided attention.

“Look I know why Grant is here but not you, Harry. How come you are here and not just the office either, why aren’t you at home getting ready for Christmas with…” I stopped, Harry was my best friend and I couldn’t remember his fiancée’s name.

“Janet, her name is Janet. I have known that you didn’t care for her but I never realized that you hated her.”

Harry sounded almost hurt, and at the same time almost angry that I hadn’t remembered her name, or maybe it was that he had been forced to admit who she was. “Your right Harry, I should have known. I just well, I hardly ever see her, and I guess it slipped my mind.” It was lame sure, but at least he didn’t know that I was afraid she would take away the only person who knew the real me and the one person I counted on the most.

“Do not worry Harry, Ambrosia chooses to forget those who she thinks is unnecessary, ask her if she remembers my Fiancée’s name. Well do you Ambrose; can you tell me the name of the woman who you made cry only this morning? You cant can you, you do not think she is worth your time.” Grant sneered at me and I knew if I messed up I would prove some point.

“Your right Grant, I don’t remember the name of the Blonde you have on your arm this time, you have had so many I might insult her by guessing the wrong one.” Like I would forget Theresa or how she tried to humiliate me in my own home.

“Now if you two will forgive me I need to get home, since you are both here I’m sure mother is worried.” I walked between them and grabbed the keys from the drawer. I hadn’t used them in a long time but the idea of not locking up made my skin crawl, and not in a good way either.

Once I opened the door I held it waiting on them to walk through it. Neither looked ready to end the discussion but I didn’t care. They had both made me angry, Grant at his continually treating me as though I was no better than a child, and Harry because he was right. A friend, especially your best friend would know who you were planning on marrying.

When neither made a move forward, I tilted my head to one side before sighing audibly. Why were men so stubborn, why can’t they be reasonable? I opened my mouth to tell them that they had two seconds to get out when I felt someone staring at me from behind. I turned slowly around and there at the bottom of the stairs was Kevin. Great all I needed was another man with an attitude. Looking back at Grant and Harry, I decided something right then. They both treated me as though I was a child who didn’t know any better. Grant with his superior attitude, and Harry because he came running every time I was in trouble. I know you want someone with you when times get tough but Harry was always fixing the problems for me. Keith had done the same thing before he died as well.

Maybe it was me, maybe I was the reason no man ever treated me like an adult, no one that is except for Kevin, who was patiently waiting on me to make the first move. I made a decision right then, I may not be able to control others but I knew I didn’t have to take it any longer. Turning slowly to Grant and then Harry, I threw the office keys to Harry and watched Grants face darken in anger.
“Since you two obviously need some time alone, you can lock up together. Someone, who I am beginning to believe knows me better than either of you, is waiting for me downstairs.” With that I turned and made my way down to Kevin.

“Did I just hear a growl?” Kevin asked me quietly, actually almost too quietly.

“Yeah you did, but I don’t care when they grow up then we can talk. Now what time is it and why are you here?” I remembered we had plans, but I wasn’t sure if they were still on or not, and I definitely didn’t remember that they had meant in the evening as well.

“Actually it’s a little after One in the morning. Your mother got worried and asked all of us to go looking for you. I would have gotten here sooner but almost wrecked hitting this massive dog on the road.”

Dog, what dog? Puzzled I simply stared at him. “I know it’s been a while since I came home but no one mentioned anything about a Dog.”

“I don’t know, but you need to be careful if that thing is running around. I noticed Grant’s car and another one outside. Is he here?”