Excerpt Taken from Chapter 10

La Roe's by Dee Owens
What I saw lying on the floor stopped me dead in my tracks; there in the middle of the room was my sweet Katie. She was just lying there in something red. I crawled over to her then and saw the horrible gash in her stomach. The red I had seen was her blood, her life pouring out of her. I cradled her head in my lap and I began rocking her back and forth.

“No, Katie, not you. No, oh why God, why her, why did it have to be her?” I screamed out loud.

Even through my pain, I could hear Max coming up the front steps. I didn’t even want him around. I felt my power flare up. It consumed me, and all around. The only thing I could think of was no. No one was hurting her again. The world began spinning then, and any control I had was gone. I saw Katie’s grave again only this time it was covered in her blood. I stared down at the ugly hole, where her stomach should have been. Trying to see her whole again, but my mind could not, would not, get passed the blood. It’s her blood. Someone did this to her. I swear with everything in me. I’ll kill whoever did this to her.

“Do you hear me, you are dead, and you just don’t know it yet. I am going to kill you. I don’t care now if I have to walk this world for an eternity. I will find you and kill you. Your life is forfeit, it belongs to me now, and I want you dead. Do you hear me? DEAD!” I screamed with deadly menace to the empty room and knew he had heard me. Knew I was coming for him, he also knew I would never stop until he was dead.

I barely heard the door crash in, one moment I was holding Katie and the next someone was trying to take her away from me. Without thinking, I pushed them away from us with only a thought. The room was growing brightly now, almost a forest green, the same brilliant color of my family’s crests. The light had grown so bright. It was hurting my eyes. I closed them to the growing pain.

I could feel my hair flaring out around as though it was a living fire. My last conscious thought was, “I was too late to save someone I cared about, again. Someone else was paying because of me.” I knew the darkness was swallowing me and I was grateful for it. Welcomed it. Knowing I wouldn’t feel the pain of her loss cutting my heart in two.

When I came to, I could feel someone sitting next to me. “Miss, can you hear me?” I heard a man asking me. Each time I tried to answer them, my throat felt as though there were a thousand of tiny pieces of glass slicing it. Placing my hands to my neck, I tried to explain what was wrong.

“Yes ma’am, I understand, your friend said you had been screaming for a while before you finally passed out. Can you remember what happened, anything at all?” He had sympathy in his voice and sounded as if he was trying to talk someone out of jumping.

I thought about it for a moment and then trying to answer him. I mouthed. “Katie’s dead.” Nothing came out though, all I could do was nod my head yes.

“It’s all right I do understand. Your friend Maxwell Howard told us most of what happened. I will just ask you some basic questions; you can nod your head yes or no. Do you think you could do that for me?”

When I nodded yes, he continued. “Mr. Howard said you two had been looking for your friend, a Katherine Park, is that correct?”

I nodded again.

“Mr. Howard also states you received a tip to come here, but don’t know who from.”

I started to nod my head yes again, but stopped to shake my head no. There was no way I was going to cover up for anybody, not if it meant finding Katie’s killer.

“Yes you had a tip?”

I nodded.

“No, you don’t know who it was from?”

I shook my head no.

“You do know who the tip came from?”

I nodded my head yes. I took my cell phone out of my jeans then, thanking whoever had put the IV in my left hand and not my right. I gave him the cell phone.

“Was it the last call?” He asked guessing.

I nodded yes even harder then. I could hear him pushing buttons on the phone. I couldn’t open my eyes to see him though. Someone had put bandages over my eyes.

“The last number on here is for a Mom and Pop’s store, is that it?” He no longer sounded as though I was a jumper but as if I had given him an early Christmas Present.

I nodded again, but the pain in my head was growing worse. What I was feeling must have shown on my face, for someone else spoke up then.

“That is enough Detective, I believe Ms. Jade has been through enough for one night.” It was a woman’s voice this time.

“Just one more question, do you know who did this?” The Detective asked.

 I thought about it for a moment, before shaking my head no. Even though I was almost positive it was MacNee, I had no proof he had done it. The Detective said he would be in touch, before placing a card in my hand.

I heard the woman then. “I am sorry sir, but we are getting ready to take her to the hospital.” I had wanted to protest, the last place I wanted, or needed to go was the hospital. They would run tests there and I didn’t want to try explaining, my age or whatever else the test might show.

“It’s all right the Lady is with me, and I have permission to take her home.” I heard Max reply then, I was so happy to hear his voice I began to cry. I started to try to get up on my own, but was held down. Damn I hated being weak!

“All right, but at least let me unhook you first.” The woman said and sounded as though she was scolding a child. I had figured out already, she was an EMT and waited for her to disconnect me.

Once I was free however, I began to reach out to Max. I felt his hands under my body, picking me up. Max had to promise to take me to the doctor, and have my throat checked out if it didn’t get better in a few days.

I heard someone new, then. “It would be a shame for her to lose her voice, you know with her not being able to see either.”

No, one must not have been able to see my face; because I knew the shock I had felt was surely showing now. What did they mean, not being able to see?

I felt Max sit me in my car, or at least I hoped it was mine. “I know the car is not the place for us to talk about what happened. But we will talk, and you are going to tell me everything. Especially about what happened back there in the cabin.” I didn’t know who he was madder at the guy who killed Katie or me.

We rode the rest of the way back in silence. I had reached out to the sound of his voice, trying to tell him I understood. When he had said nothing else about it, I just settled more into the seat. I knew though, when my voice came back, we would have our talk, and Max would want to know everything. Call me anything you want, but I knew I wouldn’t be able to leave anything out.

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