Fay’s Wish by Dee Carver 

Shayla, Princess of the Fay, must begin the journey to discover her true power by leaving the island. If she’s successful, she will become queen. Her plight won’t be an easy one, for there are those who would use Shayla as a means to solidify their own position of power.
Kyle, Shayla’s guide in the human world, is destined to bring hope to the Fay even though his own future seems bleak. With Kyle by her side, miracles can happen, offering the promise of the return of the magic.
Once that happens, nothing is impossible.


This was a cleansing place, a place to refill an empty soul. Aine and I were not the only ones to be content and amazed. Kyle’s breath quickened, while Jack thanked the Goddess for nature’s perfect gift. I understood Kyle’s revelation. This was where I would receive my gift. I also understood Jack’s need to praise the Goddess, for surely her presence was still here, stronger than ever. 

Bells chimed a tender whisper on the wind. 

“Come to me, Queen Shayla. Come and receive what I have waited so long to give.” 

“We need to cross the lake now; she is waiting for me.” 

I pointed to the small, white boat at the edge of the lake. No one questioned its remarkable presence, or my request. They only did as I asked. I climbed in, and once we were seated, Kyle began rowing our way across. I hoped he would go faster, but the rigid line of his back bade me be patient. 

Instead, I faced my reflection in the water as it undulated by, contemplating death without fear, knowing that even if this boat were to overturn, a drowning would not stop me from reaching the island. Somehow, I would always make it. I would become a fish and swim. 

On the island, we made our way to the center easily enough. Silver stones and golden sands led us to the cave’s entrance. I strode to the sacred opening I knew existed behind its vines of jade and turned to the others before passing through the curtain. 

“This is as far as you all can go. I have to go the rest of the way alone.” 

I swept the ivy aside, and made my way in. Painted cranes of all sizes dotted the walls, each prepared for flight. I turned back once to gaze at the entrance, but there was only blackness. 

“Come, Queen of the Fay. I do not wish to wait any longer to give you what I have waited lifetimes to pass on.” 

Her voice became closer with each step I took. Emerging through a jewel-strewn doorway, I finally bore myself into her presence. Corra wore the appearance of a crane. Incredible, she was as white as snow, and at least ten feet of pure marble. 

“Step closer, Daughter of the Gods. Step up and claim your true power, my Child of the Brides.” 

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