5 Stars! 

Boy meets girl.
Author Charlotte Forsythe is determined not to be a victim again. Her Great Dane, Finn, makes sure of it. While vacationing with Finn in San Diego, Charlotte meets Navy SEAL Eric Outerbach. It doesn’t go well. Eric begs forgiveness.
Boy and girl become friends.
They make a long distance friendship work through texts and phone calls. The film rights to two of Charlotte’s books are sold and she heads back out to California to supervise the conversion of written content to the silver screen. And the friendship’s not so long distance after all.
Boy and girl fall in love.
How could she not fall in love with a handsome, sexy warrior like Eric? How could he not love a woman as gentle and forgiving as Charlotte?
A guardian’s duty ends.
Finn is mighty, but old. It’s time to pass on the duties of love and protection to someone else.


An Emotional Rollercoaster! 

I absolutely loved The Mighty Finn! I had to stop and wipe my tears more than once. I found myself laughing, cheering the characters equally amazed with Charlotte’s resolve. Eric is a dream character that steals your heart. The real hero though is definitely Finn! 

I absolutely love Holly Bargo’s ability to carry you away into each story she writes. 

A fan for life, 


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