Hello Everyone! This is my second time doing the #MFRWauthor challenge. As you can imagine I stay pretty busy working on client items, so my own writing gets the second part of my time (well maybe 6th or 10thpart). Also, if you notice this blog is on my Blogger Site and not PersonalizedMarketing Inc’s. Kind of had an ‘oh’ moment and realized these belong here. 

I found this topic to spark an idea in both my writing and working career. I started Personalized Marketing Inc a few years after getting my first two books published and I remember when I got the yes letters. It was a very exciting time and I was completely blown away that I had been accepted. We did the big celebration dinner, got a new laptop, even had a few book signing/reading events. 

However, I also learned some pretty hard knocks as well when it happened. I turned down offers that I now later regret… Who knew ‘they’ would get so big??? When my first book was originally released it did not get many things that I later learned it should have. I signed a contract without first understanding one, I got a crash course into marketing and what it meant being an author. 

The positive spin is that I learned about writing more, that everyone needs an editor, and found my calling. There is oh so much more work after the words “The End” are written and some of the stuff I learned how to do the HARD way I have been able to pass along to our clients

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