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I absolutely loved this series, even though each book can be read as a stand alone I highly recommend that you read them in order. Each book gives more description about the mountain and the characters that live there. 
I found several parts funny in each of the books. I got angry with them, sad with them and even wanted to smack a few. Each of the women had their own strength and the men who fell in love with them were perfectly matched. 
I had never read a were-horse shifter series before and I enjoyed the way the author weaved their world. I would highly recommend Sierra Brave to anyone who asked for great shifter story. 

Book 1: She ran away to hide from her hurt and embarrassment. She found love and her confidence, and in her, he found his fate. 

Book 2: She challenged his perceptions and claimed his heart. 
Book 3: A Spirited Girl. A Reluctant Dom. Fated Mates. 
Book 4: Pain drove him away, but she couldn’t forget her hero. Tragedy brought him back. Could he be her fated mate?