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Why I Cant Stop Reading 

The Good, The Better, The Books.

Review: La Roe’s Curse by Dee Carver – Why I Cant Stop Reading ( 

So I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. I was in no way compensate for my opinion. 

So here are my 4 reasons for 4 stars: 

Emerald La Roe is an absolutely amazing character. I love the way she was written, how her story was explained and the way she just basically is. I love the way she dealt with what she was given (which I felt was rather realistically) and I loved how easy she was to get invested in.

Ms Carver is excellent at world building. The way she described the characters, species and world was really well written I got lost in in completely. 

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(Some spoiler alert)  
The story began with an unexpected or unpredictable event, which brings heartache to those who read it. Alexander began as the love of her life and then later the guiding spirit that helped her find the man her and her son were meant to be with, Mack Challen.  
However, Kalia Beck is a character that you can easily identify with, she is persistent, strong willed and a caring person. Though life through her a major curveball she withstood it with understandable fear mixed in with amazing courage.  
Mack is not sure what to make of the woman next door, however, she had her tiny son ultimately worm their way into his heart. I found it adorable that the writer Linda O’Connor made it to where the only way for the baby to sleep was by listening to Mack play the guitar.  
I was immediately hooked on the story when I read an excerpt on Linda O’Connor’s blog recently. Once getting the book I found that I could not put it down until I finished it. I have not read the rest of The Perfectly Series but they are definitely on my to be read list. 

Perfectly Series: 

Dee Carver  
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 Laurel and Trey are dynamic together!


Breakups suck. They suck even more after you drunkenly tell your A-list Rockstar boyfriend that you love him…then find your now ex best friend in his bed. Welcome to Laurel’s world.

So, what’s a girl with a mangled heart to do? Escape to the Caribbean for some sun, sangria, and much needed soul-searching of course.

While walking on a lonely beach with a camera in her hand, Laurel does not expect to find the hot surfer in her zoom. After accidentally locking eyes, Laurel hides behind a rock and quickly makes her escape…to avoid an awkward meeting.

Fortunately, it’s a small island and Laurel meets the surfer whose name is Trey that same night. Sparks fly, hammocks flip, and all signs point to love. But when best friend and Rockstar drama invades the island will new love last? Laurel has decisions to make, hearts to break and a sunburn to avoid in this two-part romantic comedy.


I won’t go into detail about the story since I don’t want to give away and important parts, but the characters created by Halo Roberts are definitely memorable. The level of detail created in the story, gives you a sense of watching it play out in your head and you can almost feel the warm Caribbean waters. 

I really enjoyed reading Finding My Sun by Halo Roberts, I was unable to put the book down once I began reading. The story has all the great …

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Author Eric R. Johnston

About the Author

Eric R. Johnston is the author of An Inner Darkness, A Light in the Dark, Harvester: Ascension, and Children of Time.
When he isn’t writing, he is editing and substitute teaching at local high schools and middle schools. He also enjoys running and weight lifting.

He lives in Imlay City, Michigan with his fiance, daughter, and two step-daughters.

Visit his blog at:
Follow him on Twitter at:
And you may contact him at

Find Eric at World Castle Publishing

Children of Time
Author: Eric R. Johnston
Print ISBN:      9781939865250

E-Book ISBN:  9781939865267

Genre: Time Travel, Dark Fantasy
Release Date 05/15/2013
Shawna McCullough is enjoying a quiet evening with a book when her six-year-old daughter, Alexis, awakens and talks of dreaming about her own death, describing it in vivid detail. They fall asleep next to each other, but when Shawna wakes up just after midnight, instead of her daughter, she discovers a strange man in her bed. She also now has two daughters, neither of them Alexis, and she’s nine months pregnant.
This is only the beginning of the strangeness as she discovers the man is just as confused as she is. He is Mark LaValley, a police …

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Eric R Johnston at Children of Time Blog Tour 

World Castle Publishing

Can you tell us about Children of Time?
Children of Time is a dark fantasy, sci-fi novel that deals with timeline manipulation. It starts with a prologue that is to show life for one of the main characters before the events in the story. Whether there really is a before comes into question throughout the novel, but for Shawna, she had survived an abusive marriage after killing her husband in self-defense.
After a nightmare six years later, Shawna’s young daughter, Alexis, comes to sleep with her. She had dreamed of a time when she died. It was so real to her. Shawna thinks nothing of it, but allows Alexis to sleep with her.
What happens next sets the story exploding into an action-packed thrill ride. Shawna wakes to find Alexis gone and a strange man in her bed. The man is as confused as she is, knowing that he’s dead, or should be.

What could be happening?
Well that is for, reader, to find out.

What was your inspiration for the story and the writing process?
The story actually came from two different places.
After completing A Light in the Dark, I began a novel I called Temporal Winter. The title came from a play on the phrase “nuclear winter,” which describes a particularly bad outcome of a nuclear war. This story was about a war between time periods instead of nations. In the distant future, humans develop “temporal weapons” …

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