When I first released La Roe’s in 2005, it was nominated for the Golden Rose Awards (which I don’t believe is open anymore). Until that moment I can honestly say that I had not really considered being nominated for anything that big of a deal, yup I was wrong. It really was an honor to be nominated. As the years have gone on, I have entered a few writing contests, I have also suggested some to clients that we work with. However, there were a few things I considered before either entering them or suggesting them.

1. Who was hosting the contest?
2. What kind of marketing was done for those who entered and the finalist?
3. Categories? If you do not write that genre it does not make sense to enter it.
4. What’s the cost and can you afford it?
5. What is your goal? Are you entering to win or learn more about your writing?  

I guess the biggest question is, can you handle if you lose? Not everyone can handle criticism even if it’s constructive. Winning the contest would be awesome but losing it can also be a good thing, if you learn something from it. Popularity contest are just that, but if the contest is judged on the quality of your writing, if its based on how well you told the story, can you handle it if they found areas you need to work on?

I know that years ago I had to learn the hard way that writing is a continual work in progress. I know that today, writing is a continual work in progress… man I sure miss Cindy! She’s on Vacation and I almost did not post today because she isn’t around to edit my writing because I know that everyone needs an editor.

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